Tips for Buying Synthetic Urine for Drug Test

Tips for Buying Synthetic Urine for Drug Test

Passing that urine test could determine your chances of seizing great life opportunities. Do not worry about being locked out because of contaminated natural urine because you can buy synthetic urine for the test purposes. You need to learn tips that will help you to avoid being caught for presenting fake urine when a full analysis on Sub Solution is done . It would help if you also learned how to handle and store the urine to preserve its properties. Here are some tips to guide you when you are buying synthetic urine for your drug test.

Maintain the Normal Urine Temperature

maintain the normal temperatureUrine temperatures below 32 and above 37 degrees Celsius will be rejected because they do not match natural urine properties. You can use your body temperature to keep the urine warm. If you feel that the option is challenging to maintain the temperature, buy powdered urine to dilate because it comes with a heating agent. All you need to do is mix the components well and present the synthetic urine for testing.

Buy High-Quality Products

Fake synthetic urine might have chemical properties that are detectable when a test is run in the lab. To save yourself from the risk of being caught, ensure that you buy a high-quality product from trusted suppliers. The urine formula properties should be similar to the normal urine, meaning you cannot leave anything to chance. Ensure that you choose the freshest batch to increase the chances of getting all the natural urine properties. Research in advance about the suppliers and review their product ratings to ensure you will get value for your money.

Use the Right Packaging Material

Buying synthetic urine has become common, and you should do it without raising an eyebrow during the testing. Get a carrier device that is not easily detectable during the physical evaluations. The carrier should also maintain all the natural urine properties such as smell, color, foam, temperature, and composition. You can buy a quality urine belt with a plastic tube or a prosthetic penis device to avoid being detected during physical evaluation. The devices will also maintain the natural urine’s properties without contamination.

You do not have to worry about passing a urine test once you have observed all the tips. It starts with buying a quality product and following the necessary storage conditions. You can do practices at home before the test to reduce tension.